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    Hidden Files Mac & Pc

    I created a 'Mac & PC' CD-ROM project and needed to send an burnable image file to client (long distance)...I created a .toast file. My question is can that file be burned by the client and still retain all the hidden(mac)/invisible(PC) files as they are set within my Toast project? Client has Mac/Toast 16--just FYI. Thanks!
  2. Okay...I burning a 'Mac & PC' CD-ROM and using 'invisible'/platform checkboxes so files only show on whichever platform disc is inserted into. The issue is on the Mac side, I'd like the icons in the 'Auto-open disc window' to be a larger setting than the default size Toast uses (see images). Anyone have any workarounds or editing of some kind of resource file or something...? Also, anyway to set window size as well while I'm at it? Thanks!