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    Dvd Burn Issue

    I am so very sorry, the VIDEO_.VOB is my error, should have been VIDEO_TS.VOB The authored video I was attempting to put on a DVD is 25-30 minutes in length. After trying several approaches without success, I decided to author a short movie, half a dozen pictures, short audio to use in trouble shooting the process instead of futzing with the very long one. Just made another attempt with the long video, same result. Insanity: repeating the same process and expecting different results. BUT, hope springs eternal. :-(
  2. Thedunker2

    Dvd Burn Issue

    myguggi, VIDEO_TS.BUP 12KB VIDEO_TS.IFO 12KB VIDEO_.VOB 232KB VTS_01_0.BUP 24KB VTS_01_0.IFO 24KB VTS_01.1.VOB 851,710KB
  3. Thedunker2

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Sknis, Have never used Video Wave, so will try your suggestion, but will take some time as I get up to speed. Would really be nice if one could purchase a user manual, but . . . Have found some stuff on the web.
  4. Thedunker2

    Dvd Burn Issue

    OK, tried again with NXT4, using a Verbatim blank DVD, very careful to select CREATE DVD, then clicked the big red BURN button, it seemed to do its thing. When done, DVD player refused it, ground a wee bit, then spit it back out. Looked at it with File Explorer, same two files, AUDIO and VIDEO TS. When I put the disk into the computer, ground a wee bit, then gave an error window Big Red with X in the middle, with I: Application not found. My DVD drive is DVD RW (I:) I am not knowledgeable enough to fully understand what is transpiring, but it appears to me there is something in the software that is supposed to tell the DVD player the disk contains a movie, and the DVD player then responds with actions to play the movie. Either that code is missing in the software (unlikely) or it is not getting encoded on the disk. My next step, failing other suggestions from you, is to take the new copy of NXT 6 when it arrives, along with the authored files I have created, to my local computer shop where I have friends, load the software onto one of their machines, then try to create a DVD movie and see what happens. Should be quite a journey. I will take two computers (an HP and a Dell), the DVD player, and a flash drive with Vegas authored videos in several formats. ANY suggestions appreciated. Or, in lieu of suggestions, maybe a prayer? :-)
  5. Thedunker2

    Dvd Burn Issue

    Sknis. Thank you. 1. Used a Memorex DVD+R as I have always used in the past successfully. 2. Possibly, will go back and try again. Why I use File Explorer to check the disk I see AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Jim_Hardin. I tried to create the video on a Memorex DVD, using the DVD without menu option. When I insert the disk in my Panasonic DVD player, it lists READING, and the burps the disk back out. I used Create DVD, entered a name using the Theater theme, then moved a .wmv file I created with VEGAS 6 and hit the red burn button at the lower right. I tried using a file formatted in .wmv and also again using an mpeg file, tried making the disk on 2 different computers, using several versions of ROXIO NXT, playing same on my DVD player, all with the same result. VERY frustrating. It has always worked fine in the past (at least several months ago.) I have a stack of VETBTIM disks, will try again with one of them. Meanwhile, anticipating I/we WILL solve this, just ordered NXT6. Thank you for the suggestions, will try again.
  6. Thedunker2

    Dvd Burn Issue

    I have used Roxio for sometime, successfully burning family videos. Now, for whatever unknown reason, when I insert the burned DVD my player spits it back out. I also notice when I try to play it on a computer drive, it will not auto=play start, will not start with VCUAutoplay, but will run when opened with Corel WinDVD. The disc was burned with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 5 Very frustrating, and many many hours spent trying different combos of computers and players. ANY suggestions very appreciated..