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  1. Yea it doesn't work , it just hangs , I did it like you said , deleted my anti virus removed the firewall , it hangs at capture. GamerCap works great. I could also install 7 again I guess. GamerCap is the best one I've tried. OBS and Xsplit were choppy. So anyway Roxio doesn't work. I also tried just the main program off the CD and it hangs at capture.
  2. So I tried OBS and it works , video and sound , unfortunately it's choppy , looking through google that seems to be a big complaint for OBS. There are even youtube videos on the subject. So anyway it all works. I just need this Roxio software to work.
  3. Got myself a cool Alienware Threadripper , I had a core2duo windows 7 and I was using this product successfully. Now I have a ThreadRipper with a 1080 TI Windows 10 Pro and it hangs at capture. When I installed it it kept telling me to update the program and restart my computer , I did until it stopped asking to update. The pass through works because I have the same setup I had with my old computer and I plug the device into the computer and it displays on my TV like it always did and does. But the capture just won't work. It hangs. I did try compatibility XP to 8 but it still hangs at capture. So now what ?