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    Popcorn - Sense Errors /Hardware Errors

    John, As a consumer wouldn't you prefer the burn engine that could handle most media vs the burn engine that handles only a subset that is only available at double the cost point? I would say that if Apple's burn engine can handle it then it is a software issue pure and simple. If Roxio would like to advertise that Popcorn only works on a subset of media then I would be fine with that however there is no disclaimer to the effect. Furthermore, calling media bad since Roxio's burn engine doesn't handle it when others do seems like point blame away from a low quality burn engine (at least when compared to Apple's). I am disappointed that Roxio is not looking at this and upgrading the burn engine. Finally, it is oversimplification which doesn't apply in this case.
  2. Jeff_canuck

    Popcorn - Sense Errors /Hardware Errors

    Hi Everyone, I have seen numerous posts on this form with respect to Dual Layer burning. I bought a bunch of Memorex DL DVD's and had no luck with Popcorn. I repeatedly hit Sense errors (Medium and Hardware) during the burn process. There are a ton of posts that imply either you have a bad burner or the Media is lousy. In general, Memorex doesn't have a great rap. I dug into this since I am a week away from my warranty expiration and wanted to ensure it wasn't a true hardware issue. I tried using Popcorn 2 to write a disk image and then burn the image however I had errors when using Popcorn to burn the image as well. It was very frustrating as I went through 10 blanks with various experiments. My final solution that works is: 1. Use Popcorn to write out the disk image file. 2. Use DISK Utility (as Apple program that comes with OSX) to burn the Image file created in step 1. 3. I have done this 11 times now with no errors and the DVD's play in my home players (tested 2 players - JVC and Sony) Thus, there is a problem with Popcorn. I exchanged emails with Roxio support however they seem unable to offer any real help other than try a different media or your drive is not working. Given I have 11 successful runs, I can't imagine either is the issue and that Popcorn is the cause. Good Luck and let me know if this works for anyone else.