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    DV video file not importing

    Hello, I have toast titanium pro 18 (mac) and have never had a problem importing a .DV video file... The application updated itself to version 18.1 today and then I went to import a .dv video file and it wouldn’t let me, it gave me the Warning That it is an unsupported file type? Has anybody else experienced this? How do I go back to the original 18.0 version so that it will allow me to import that type of file? I don’t have install DVDs as I purchased this online and didn’t pay for the DVDs. Thank you in advance.
  2. mikeyg

    Menu question

    Hello… I am using the menu option when I burn a DVD with five or six video clips on it… I want the menu to appear when I put the DVD in a player so that I can choose the clips that I want to watch… I don’t want the various clips to start playing automatically… I have tried burning a DVD with the play automatically when disk is inserted checked and I have also tried it with it unchecked but they both work the same way… Any help or suggestions? Thank you all in advance
  3. mikeyg


    Awesome! Is it also possible to add or delete or edit the number of buttons that appear on the menu?
  4. mikeyg


    Hello, my question is this… I have five separate video clips that I will burn onto a DVD… When the DVD is completed, I want to be able to access each file individually… Is that possible? Maybe using the menu option? I am on a Mac and have toast 16… Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hello… I am trying to burn a DVD with seven video clips… I have a customized menu page with just a high school logo on it… I would like to create a menu page with seven buttons so that when you click on a particular button, it would take you to that video clip play it and then go back to the menu… Is that possible?