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    Dao.msi Error Fix

    Worked for an ATI All-In-Wonder x800xl. Found out from ATI the DAO is used in their library function. If you don't use the library function it can be removed with "remove programs" but this fix makes it coexist as it should. Thanks for the info. I could find very little on ATI's site and nothing on Roxio's site until I wondered into this forum. If Roxio does not want to do any of their own support they should give one a stronger pointer to go here for support. "Discussion Group" does not sound like a place to find support. I have found solutions to 2 problems now that I could not find in Roxio's knowledge? base. Submitting a ticket to Roxio support is also useless. I guess this is sort of like self-service support. I am glad they at least provide this. Thanks again.
  2. This works great. Tried everything else. Would have died waiting for a response from tech support. Thanks.