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    Upgrade to 7.1 now won't see external

    Okay, thanks for that bit of information. I guess that is what I will have to do also. I don't think I mentioned the model number of mine but it too is a 2100 (CRW21001X). Maybe Roxio figures no one has any of these old Yamahas since Yamaha stopped selling CD burners (they did, didn't they, I forget). So they don't support them anymore. Anyway, as an update and evidence to what you say that for some reason this is affecting Yamaha 2100s, I shut down my computer July 3rd, didn't even use it on the 4th, then started it today the 5th and Toast does now see my external. Unfortunately, as in your case, if I try to use it, it just hangs (spinning beach ball). So I guess it is back to 7.0 What a pain. Jonathan M. Miller
  2. jmilt7

    Upgrade to 7.1 now won't see external

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work. I shut down for about 15 minutes, restarted and found no change. I wonder if there are any instructions on uninstalling an update. I think I will try to do that and/or re-install 7.0 from my disk. thanks again Jonathan M. Milledr
  3. jmilt7

    Upgrade to 7.1 now won't see external

    I did search for this but didn't find anything. Quicksilver 867, 10.4.6, 1GB RAM, updated to Toast 7.1 from 7.0.x. Now Toast will not see my external firewire drive, an old Yamaha. And when I turn the external off and then back on with Toast running it appears as if it is trying to see the external as I get the spinning beach ball until so much time goes by that I have to force quit. Repaired permissions. Did a file check (Applejack). Threw away Toast preferences, at least the ones I could find. Any ideas? Thanks Jonathan M. Miller
  4. jmilt7

    Burn Speed

    Ah, that is probably the answer. Thank you. I should have thought of that. I will check my quicksilver tomorrow to see if this is the case. But I am guessing it is. So it looks as if an external may be in my future. I do have an older one lying around somewhere. Thanks again for clearing this all up. Jonathan M. Miller
  5. jmilt7

    Burn Speed

    Thanks for the reply. And you are right about the supported burn speeds being in bold. I forgot to mention that 1x and 2x are in italics. In fact, up toe 8x are in italics. However, I can use the very same media in another computer, a Quicksilver 867 with a Superdrive (10.4.x, 1.2 GB RAM) and also using Toast 7 and I can burn at 1x speed. It's a long story but these two computers are at different locations and I have different audio files at each location. Also, perhaps any one reading this wonders why I want to burn at 1x. I have always heard that the slower burn speed is better for audio. Also, less chance of buffer underruns (which I did get just now) and also, I have noticed that I occasionally get pops or clicks when I burn at a greater speed (not always, but some times) that I don't at a the slower speed. Thanks again, Jonathan M. Miller
  6. jmilt7

    Burn Speed

    Mac OS 10.4.x, Mac Mini combo drive, 1 GB RAM. Burning a CD. I select 1X burn speed but it doesn't burn at that speed but rather a much faster one (a 36 minute, more or less, audio file will burn in about 4 or 5 minutes. So whatever speed that would mean). I want to burn at 1 or 2x speed. How do I accomplish this? Thanks Jonathan M. Miller