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  1. Bob Simoneau

    Installation keeps rolling back

    I had the same problem. Use a unzip program, and extract the first exe that was downloaded into a directory. Run the setup.exe from that directory and hopely it will work for you as it did for me. You can then run the second exe downlaoded and the contents download.
  2. I purchased/downloaded Creator 2010 Pro yesterday. I made several attempts to install. The process would get to the installing the video capture USB section then roll back and state it was interrupted. Finally I unzipped the first downloaded exe file to a folder on my hard drive and installed from there. The install then finished. I was then able to run the second downloaded exe with the word disc2 in the filename. The install of the blue-ray add-on went perfectly. Install may have just been something astray on my computer. I tried all the programs and each started great and registered when required. The application appears solid. Good work Roxio.
  3. I run Vista 64 Ultimate, and Creator 2009 installed fine, and all functions appear to work. I have however had several problems with other software installs. This is my recommendation to try since all else has failed for you. Follow the instructions for the clean install listed in this newsgroup, however prior to reinstall do the following: 1. On the control panel choice User Accounts, and turn off User Account Contriol. (Will turn it back on when done. This will require reboot) 1. After reboot, right click on each item on the right side of the taskbar, and exit every program there (If possible). 2. Suspend you anti-virus if possible 3. On the DVD from Roxio, right click the Setup or install and run as adminstrator. (I don't have DVD so don't know if it is setup or install) 4. On the control panel choice User Accounts, and turn on User Account Contriol. (This will require reboot) Hope this helps you. I am a programmer, and this is the only way I could get my programming language (Delphi) to install correctly.
  4. Bob Simoneau

    Roxio Creator 2009

    gi7omy you are giving away your age. Obviously as old as rocks and I. I however got my first Apple I in Sept 1976, over 30 years ago, so it is possible, but unlikely given his writtings.
  5. Bob Simoneau

    Wow! I'm Impressed. 2009 Looks Good So Far.

    I couldn't agree more. I had so much trouble with Version 9 and Vista, that I gave up. I skipped version 10 out of anger. I been with Creator almost since its beginning, so I couldn't stay away. I bought a new computer and thought I'd give version 2009 a try. With Vista 64, it is a great experience, I'm glad to be back also.
  6. Bob Simoneau

    What's new or fixed in 10.0.1?

    Got it, thanks
  7. Bob Simoneau

    Life is too short for this...

    You are correct. I stand corrected....Sorry
  8. Bob Simoneau

    Life is too short for this...

    Vista will not let you install Version 9, as it comes with Version 10. It just tells you a newer version is already installed, and then quits.
  9. Bob Simoneau

    Uninstaller leaves many files behind

    I am not sure what you mean by someone like me. Do you mean 20yr USMC retired. Do you mean 20yr programmer/analyst Or are you resentful that I was a Senior Programmer/Analyst by age 40. >69 posts and not a single contribution in the lot! I spent many hours troubleshooting the C++ Runtime error, and helped dozens while the advise here was just to stay away from Vista. I was the one to prove that if the 6.5 Divx bundle had ever been installed in Vista, massive clean installs would not fix the problem. The last time a had less then 10 staff was as a Corporal in the US Marine Corps. I think that was in 1994. You will see that most of my post are to protect the gang-ups of the so called Gurus here. I spent twenty years of my life preserving your right to verbally attack as well as aid users Perhaps we sure agree to disagree on the usefulness of attacks against fustrated users venting or looking for help.
  10. Bob Simoneau

    Uninstaller leaves many files behind

    I just strolled over there, and returned. You were right, I was surpised. A problem reported just a week ago was already fixed. Here are my findings: Still only one uninstall. Several patches to correct user problems. I did a forums search, and could not find a single remark blaming Microsoft for the problems. They listen to their users, and instead of pointing fingers they use their fingers to fix things. It was not interference, it was concern for fellow users and programmers. I was not speaking for him, but relating my thoughts. Your qualifications? Other than submitting massive useful responses like the one I reacted too. Sorry if that offended you. I will try to be more gentle.
  11. Bob Simoneau

    Uninstaller leaves many files behind

    I think he is just stating know facts. On my computer I currently have several Vista certified suites with one single uninstall in the control panel. Those blaming MS for requiring multi installs are totally confused: Vista Certified Suites, which by the way work right out of the box with vista, with a single install and no processes being shut down: Ulead MovieFactory 6+ Ulead VideoStudio 11 + Microsoft Office Professional Nero 8 I gave up on Roxio after dealing with Version 9, am awaiting release of 11 to try again. I love the interface. I figure by version 11 they should be ready for Vista. With a fresh Vista install the programs seem to run, but if you install anything else on your machine, they may break.
  12. Bob Simoneau

    Life is too short for this...

    I have been a computer programmer for more than 20 years. I have written dozens of programs. Program for Vista daily, and have never had the problems that EMC9 caused me ever before. Less finger pointing and more quality assurance is needed by Roxio, and you guys have to lighten up. Life is to short Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP #3488079) Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
  13. Bob Simoneau

    Mailing List

    After months of trying to get EMC9 running correctly on Vista, I have giving up and moved to another product for my video needs. I was going to give Version 10 a try, but several friends that also had trouble with version 9 are having problems with 10. It does not appear to be software friendly. I am not willing to completely start from scratch, and reinstall Vista and all others. I have elected to try again with Version 11 when it arrives. I have un-subscribed to the Roxio e-mails twice, and still today received the Oct Digital Media Report. I tried to un-subscribe to that also but get an unknown e-mail address error. Even the Roxio mail has problems? How do I tell Roxio, don't call me, I'll call you?
  14. Bob Simoneau

    EMC 10 or EMC 9-

    It would appear that functionality was removed from 9.1 to create Version 10. Most companies rewrote their products to become compatible with Vista. Roxio seemed to have removed any components that had problems with Vista. Ex. Drag&Drop, Backup My PC, Disc copier for data, and then put it out as a new version to be repurchased. I think I'll reconsider purchase at Version 11.