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  1. This is a followup to my original post: Does anybody know what the 3254845638 code even means? It's pretty hard to figure out how to proceed if you don't even know what the error is!
  2. I am using NXT Creator 6 and am trying to burn a Blu-ray project containing 4 MT2S files and getting the error in the title of this post. The total size is appropriately 18 GB, which should fit easily on a 25 GB Blu-ray disk. I saw a similar post from 2 years ago on the Creator 5 forum, but it was not resolved. Can anyone here provide any pointers/suggestions? I have had mixed results burning Blu-ray projects; I have learned that Magic Mode seems to be more forgiving than Advanced mode.
  3. To everyone inquiring about my use of Videowave, the only reason that I initially mentioned it was in response to Jim Hardin asking me about it. He mentioned that it could be used to prop (prep?) the output file for MYDVD. I believe he mentioned Output -Prepare for authoring. I clicked on that out of curiosity, but nothing happened. I really have no idea whether this would be useful, but since I can't even figure out how to make it work, it's kind of a moot point. The only possible use of Videowave I can think of is if its editing features would allow me to trim a few seconds off the beginning of a video file. Sometimes, during the capture process I capture a few seconds of additional footage at the beginning. I took a look at the Videowave screen, and while I saw a scissors icon in the screen, it was not at all intuitive as to how to perform this simple task. I have also tried the editing feature of Arcsoft Showbiz, but again, I wasn't able to intuitively figure it out. I was able to mark the video with a beginning and ending for the segment to be trimmed, but then I couldn't figure out how to save the edited video file. The Help for some of these products is just horrible. If any of you are familiar with either of these products and could give me simple instructions on how to perform what should be a simple edit (trimming a few seconds from the start of a video file and saving the updated file), I would be grateful.
  4. Jim, I've never used Videowave, so I don't know my way around in it. When I opened it from Creator, it first prompted me to choose between creating a new production or editing an existing production. I don't know what a production is. It must not be the same thing as a project, because when I point it at the folder where my existing projects are stored, it doesn't recognize them.
  5. Based on the very helpful responses from Jim_Hardin, cdanteek, REDWAGON, and myguggi, I have made some significant progress. Here's what I've learned and how it has helped: I've learned that my laptop doesn't have Microsoft .NET Framework, but that I apparently don't need it for Roxio Creator/MYDVD. I do have one question remaining in that area: what is NET Runtime? Some of the errors I encountered (see my initial post) mentioned that "component" in the Event log entries. The tip regarding .ts files and their similarity to .mts files led me to renaming some of my .ts files to .mts, which allowed them to be recognized by MYDVD. This resulted in a much higher project burn success rate than when I used the the .mp4 files that were generated by Handbrake (a file converter) using the .ts files as input. Someone had said that it was preferable to use original video files that ones that had been converted. While I prefer the Advanced mode of MYDVD because it allows menu editing and more flexibility in tailoring projects, I have found that Magic Mode gives me a higher success rate. I just have to switch mmenu templates until I find on that displays the titles properly without requiring re-arrangement. Any ideas/suggestions as to why the Magic Mode works better for me? Thanks again for all your help. If you have any thoughts on either of my remaining questions, I'd appreciate hearing them.
  6. Update: I checked the .Net Framework... it looks like I don't have that component. Here's a screen print of my Programs and Features in the attached Paint file . What does this mean and what do I do about it? I clicked on 'Turn Windows Features off and on and got the following.
  7. Thanks, I'll look into that. Can I assume that there is no downside to doing this repair?
  8. I recently purchased Creator NXT 6 along with the Bluray plugin. I have had mixed success creating Blu-ray DVD's, but the program fails during the encoding phase at least 50% of the time, often after running for 2 or more hours. Fortunately, there have been no failures during the actual DVD burn process, so I have lost only time and not discs. Before going into a lot of detail about the failures, I have some basic questions: I am running Windows 8.1. I exchanged a couple of emails with someone from tech support who seemed unsure as to whether Creator and more importantly MYDVD were supported on 8.1. He said something to the effect that they didn't have an 8.1 platform to do any testing. Is 8.1 supported? If not, can I try to use compatibility mode and if so, what settings? So far, most of the projects I have run are processing .mp4 files that I used a converter program to convert .ts files. The reason I had mostly .ts files is that I had heard that most programs like Creator supported .ts files (in fact, I have discovered that Creator used to support .ts files but no longer does. Why would a newer version of a program drop support? I would think that a new version would add, not remove, features? If I can get Creator to work more reliably, I will change my video capture program to create either .m2ts or .mp4 files. Any recommendations? Now for at least a little detail about the errors. When MYDVD fails, the only immediate error message is about an unhanded exception. No error codes are displayed at the time of the failure. I went into Windows Event Viewer and found a few frequent entries. I've copied and pasted the entries into a text file and attached it here from the 2 most common entries (these occur as pairs, one right after the other). If there is a better way to produce this data, please let me know: MYDVD error 1.txt MYDVD Error 2.txt