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    There is Nothing To Record

    Sorry for not replying earlier. I was on a short timeline and support was not able to get back to me quickly enough so I asked for, and got a full refund. I ended up getting the trial of Final Cut Pro and got my near term issue solved. Unfortunately for Corel I am not giving them another shot. I'll not be following this afterwords - so good luck to all.
  2. AgingKeeper

    There is Nothing To Record

    Just purchased Toast 17 and have a 5.5GB Quick Time .mov video I want to burn to a DVD. I drag the video into the window it appears to be loaded and when I hit the Burn button I get a window telling me there is nothing to record. I've tweaked and adjusted settings and still no love. I even reached out to online support and the gent I was talking with said he was passing it on to Tech Support and I should hear from them via email. He couldn't tell me when that might be since they have a lot going on. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?