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  1. Hi Jeff. My advice would be to a support ticket on the Roxio site. After I gave up on this forum, I did that. They offered to send me a new package (how that was supposed to resolve I'm not quite sure...). However since I live outside of N.America, they were"supposed" to send it through one of their resellers here. That never happened. Fortunately I had bought mine through Amazon, and I simply returned the item and got my money back. I bought a Diamond VC-500 instead... And never looked back. Good luck. Mickey
  2. Just wondering why nobody mentions the previous threads on the same issue. Like this Exactly the same issue I have. This guy tested everything! And the conclusion? The usb capture device is at fault. So what's the deal? There are many more threads like this on the forum.. Why isn't the issue directed to Roxio?
  3. Thanks for the reply. If it was a single tape that had this problem, then a rewind would make sense. But 3 different tapes? On 2 machines? I'll try the VCR pass through.. I've noticed at least 2 other forum topics dealing with rippling effects on the top of the capture... Wonder if there is a bigger problem, maybe a firmware issue?
  4. Sony CCD TRV27E to a Windows 10 computer, using RCA plugs to Lenovo laptop. I've just tried hooking up to a VCR , more or less the same. See attached photo. The yellow line is not supposed to be there, and it changes and distorts throughout the video. Anybody else have this problem?
  5. No SCART, just plain RCA connectors to camcorder. One for video, and one for audio, and these are connected to the Roxio Video Capture USB
  6. Thanks for your replies. 1. I plugged the camcorder directly to the TV. There's no distortion. There is a loss of clarity, I guess seeing it on a 2" screen on the camcorder is not the same as seeing it on a large TV screen. So the distortion problem on the top of the video capture is the main issue. 2. The camcorder is on AC. RCA plugs (I had to add a male to male extension as the capture unit has female plugs only. 3. One more thing. My videos were recorded using PAL. Since there are absolutely no options to change or tweak the capture.. could it be that it's working on NTSC?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to upload vhs videos from my Sony CCD TRV27E to a Windows 10 computer (new Lenovo laptop). 1. The video itself is blurred. Very disappointing! On the camera output, it's fine. 2. On top of the video capture there is a distortion. This isn't happening if I look directly at the output on the camcorder, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the tape or the camcorder. I've attached a screenshot with an example of the problems. Can anyone help? Mickey