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    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I’ve submitted a ticket and the response was they are getting a higher than normal volume of emails..so expect delayed response.. so far the work around for me is to just make maximum 20 minute clips and split movies into part 1,2 etc. then it works fine.
  2. MattL

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    So as a follow up to my last post... I figured I’d go ahead and try splitting the larger movie files and burning. After all the 100 bucks I spent on toast 17 pro included Splice which is supposed to be able to split movies. Well.. first, the only option is ‘auto splice’ which doesn’t seem to have options. Ie how many files, size, minutes etc. so I went ahead and hit the auto split button... it ran for a few minutes and then crashed.
  3. MattL

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I had the same -111 error trying to burn some files to blue ray. New iMac with latest software. Movie files from iMovie set to Best quality. I could burn movies less than ten minutes. 20 minute ones give me the error. The shorter ones were made from same photo and head cam video as the longer ones used. I could add three short movies to one blu Ray disc. One work around I didn’t try was to split the longer movies and just set the encoder to auto play them in series. I may try that yet. I didn’t have the time to keep wasting so I just bought leawo’s Software and it worked first try and I didn’t have to split anything. hopefully Roxio fixes their product. I will say of the movies I got to encode using both Leawo and Roxio, I definitely prefer the video quality produced by Roxio. Smoother video and more accurate reproduction of the original file.