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  1. Sorry could not reply to your post. But DVD player set to PAL

  2. ricknangi

    DVD burning problem

    The DVD player is definitely set on PAL. I'm not sure where to look for Region settings but will have an explore. I did a search and nearly all comments suggested incorrect settings on DVD player. Presumably you are happy with the various settings I have made as detailed in my original post.
  3. ricknangi

    DVD burning problem

    Yes it does play on my computer and the only error message I get on DVD player is Incompatible TV system setting .
  4. ricknangi

    DVD burning problem

    Using NXT6 in Win 10 MYDVD does not recognise DMSM files created in Videowave so have used OUTPUT and make movie, selected PAL then DVD playback which give me MPEG2 for DVD best quality. When the disc is burnt it will not play in my stand alone DVD player which is set for PAL. I have used various previous versions for over 10 years with no problems. Can anyone help please