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  1. When converting the first VHS tape I was able to watch the video in the Media Import Window. When I tried to convert another tape I was not able to see the video. All I got was a white space were the video should be. Any ideas and help would be appreciated. Roxio NXT 6 running on Windows 10
  2. MK65

    Roxio Media Import Window

    Thank you REWAGON. I will keep you posted.
  3. MK65

    Roxio Media Import Window

    It has been used to convert about 60 hours of video tapes.I have tried your recommendation. The first tape has the same issue now. I did build my computer from the ground up with a high end graphics card,etc. But that should not matter. I suppose that I can buy a new Roxio capture device.
  4. MK65

    Roxio Media Import Window

    Yes it is. Could the Capture Device cause issues? It is at least 10 years old.