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    Red No Signal, please help!

    I'm beginning to suspect as much myself. Unfortunately, this was an ebay purchase and they have assured me that it was working fine when they had it. I've been screwed.
  2. Razor Romero

    Red No Signal, please help!

    Yes, it was all connected properly. The TV HDMI signal is good. The fact that I managed to get a distorted image of the xbox 360 set to low resolution is confusing me. Surely the card is capable of something so it isn't completely dead yet!
  3. Razor Romero

    Red No Signal, please help!

    No, I had nothing on the TV. It wasn't passing the signal through at all.
  4. Razor Romero

    Red No Signal, please help!

    That's a good idea! Right, I've tried that with the HDMI out from my satellite TV box and I get nothing. I'm assuming the card should act as a pass-through for the digital signal? I also tried my old xbox 360 using the HDMI out on that. With the resolution at its lowest setting, there was a distorted view of the Xbox home screen on the Roxio program. I guess that means that something is working but it's not quite right.
  5. Razor Romero

    Red No Signal, please help!

    Hi there, thanks for replying. I've just tried that and a few things happened... First, my TV had the words "NOT SUPPORTED" appear on the screen. Then in unplugged the usb cable for a few moments and plugged it back in which gave me a couple of flickering blue rectangles. I tried unplugging and replugging again which took me back to "No Signal" in red again. ps. I'm using an Xbox One with HDMI cables.
  6. Razor Romero

    Red No Signal, please help!

    Hello all, I've just bought a Roxio Gamecap HDpro and it is just not working. I'd be very grateful for any assistance to get it up and running. I have an Xbox One and a Windows 10 laptop. It's all connected correctly and the software is running but I have a red No Signal. Sometimes I see a few flickering lines in the capture window, almost as though there is a very weak signal. Another weird thing is that when I select options, the dropdown menu for selecting a profile is blank. It won't let me select anything! Here are a couple of screenshots. I'd love to be able to find the solution with your help.