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    Hello, I recently purchased the product Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus on amazon. I received the product in the mail. Everything was there. I installed it on my Windows 10 OS with no issues. I went out and got the updates and installed them. I have everything plugged in and operating as I think it should but it appears the software won't save the video. I select the Record, Edit, Save option. I give my video a name. I press play on the VCR and the video appears. I then press record on the software and it starts and says it is recording and the dial is spinning and counting. Everything appears to be functioning properly. When I press stop, the software says it is finishing (for a few seconds) but then nothing happens. The video is not listed as a video clip (as shown in the demo's) and it is not saved in the designated file. I also do not see a "ready to export" option. Nothing. Please help. Thank you.