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  1. Franky11

    Toast 17.4 Update Not Optimized

    Hi looks strange. I do not have the problem under Mojave with 17.4. Maybe you should try a complete reinstall and delete the old files before
  2. Franky11

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Wow ! Good to hear this Thanx for the info
  3. Franky11

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Yes I think you can reply to their email . I have reported another problem too and hope to get an answer. The app crashes too sometimes if you want to drag a folder into the app (creating a new data disk but no new disk is created yet). Maybe there is a problem with long folder names. But this problem does not exist on all folder names. Here is the answer from Corel for the -111 error: 25. Feb., 06:07 EST Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Service. We apologize for the inconvenience! The problem could be reproduced and passed on to our developers. They are already working on a solution, but unfortunately we have no date for it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused! For further information we are at your disposal. Yours sincerely,
  4. Franky11

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    The support told me today that they already know about this problem and the developers are informed . But they do not know how long it takes until an update comes out :-( The software is really unusable with this annoying bug.