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  1. rudie1990

    making cd slideshow

    The slide show I created plays on my computer but not the disc I burned. My DVD player is capable of playing this media.
  2. rudie1990

    making cd slideshow

    cd burner working properly but when making cd slideshow message on dvd player says non playable disc. New computer and able to make cds of my music. Cannot burn in Roxio. What am I not doing correctly
  3. rudie1990

    Printing labels

    Having installed or uninstalled anything that I am aware of. Have rebooted several times.
  4. rudie1990

    Printing labels

    memorex photo label, canon i960 printer. I printed same label 3 days ago. Saved project to file. Opened project to print in Label Creator and when printed only the outline of a disc prints. No content. Have re-callibrated numerous times, even created new label, but no luck.
  5. rudie1990

    Printing labels

    Made photo label for dvd, nothing prints, only a circle. Can someone help me