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    Toast 17 and .mp4 files errors

    Ok. Thanks!
  2. MrRoy

    Toast 17 and .mp4 files errors

    Hi JG, I was able to export it with iMovie changed to .mov and it seems to work I don't know much about ProRes422. Is that in FinalCut Pro?
  3. MrRoy

    Toast 17 and .mp4 files errors

    Thank you for your response. MPEG-4. XAVC S Format are files that are having the issue was shot at 60p 50m (I don't fully understand the numbers, just an idea) A file shot from the same camera was a MP-4 format and works with Toast 15 and 17 pro. MyDvd with Toast 15 did not have an issue with the XAVC S format but MyDvd Pro does. I dunno. I guess this may be the issue and I will need a converter?
  4. MrRoy

    Toast 17 and .mp4 files errors

    First, I will confess I am mainly a photographer and dabble with video. That being said, I am having problems making a DVD with Toast 17 Pro. Toast 15 always said that it was incompatible with my .mp4 files from my Sony A6300. I could (still can) use MyDVD to burn a DVD with these files. With Toast 17 Pro, I have gotten the message that it was over 300gb on one disk and there was not enough room. Now it says that there is 904kb in one disk and a dialog box says there is nothing to burn, please add data. MyDVD Pro will go to about 84%, more or less, and I get this message. burner_state ready failure unknown error code 301989883. I exported the .mp4 as a .mov with iMovie and was able to burn a DVD with MyDVD Pro. Oddly enough, with Toast 15, .mov files were not compatible with MyDVD but it worked with Toast. I have an open ticket with Roxio as of yesterday. I am not patient so was wondering if any of you have encountered this and can tell me what I may be doing wrong or have a work around?. I have uninstalled, per Roxio’s instructions on the website, reinstalled. My iMac is running MacOS Mojave, an intel i7 chip and 16gb ram, in case this information would be useful. I’m way past being frustrated. Regards, Roy
  5. MrRoy

    There is Nothing To Record

    I have. Says the same thing. 904 KB on 1 disc. Has support gotten back with you? Regards, Roy