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    Toast 17 Pro stalls on compressing Video_TS folder

    I am very disappointed with version 17 and the response I have gotten so far from customer service: "I understand that you're having issues/concern with our Toast product. This error is caused by the burner having issues burning to your disc. Either the burner or the disc is faulty. The clue is: sense key = medium Sense key refers to the burner sensor and medium refers to the Media or the disc. Try to use a different or a new disc or a different brand of disc. If that didn't work, try using an external burner. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions." I successfully burned the same Video TS file using Titanium 12 onto the same two discs which failed and generated the above error message. There is nothing wrong with my external BD/DVD drive with ANY other program - EXCEPT Titanium 17. I think it is the problem - not my equipment or Media.