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    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Hi, I've had the product for a week now & have burned a couple of .mp3 cd's & a couple of DVD's (data type) no problem. I have both a blu-ray burner (new) & a BD-ROM drive I thought the BD-Rom drive had gone bad as some of my older disc's wouldn't read on the BD-Rom drive but I found out from 7's disc info that the disc's which I had created using windows 10 burning software that the disc's that I couldn't read was because W10 never closed (finalized) the disc's when they were burned. I closed them using 7 & can now read them on the BD-Rom drive I will try burning some Blu-ray data disc's this weekend & post if there were any problems. I do have 1 problem with NXT 7 WHERE IS THE USER MANUAL? there is no manual on the disc, there are 2 very short getting started documents online & the manual for NXT 6 online I'm a RTFM type of guy as I'm a IBM MAINFRAME TECH SUPPORT PROG. by profession so I Read The Fraking Manual. Where is it? I have ticket # 5286498 open on this issue