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  1. I am finding the phrase "Internet Connection Required for Installation" on NXT 6. NXT 7 states connection required for installation and registration, so others must have had issues. Enough of my nit picking. Creator Enterprise Silver / Gold seems to be a better product for my needs since it has FIPS encryption as well. I had to download via PC that is connected to the internet, burn to a DVD and sneaker net to air gapped systems. Thanx again.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I think that requirement is very misleading. Internet access is normally used for downloading software. Working on air gapped networks is not unusual. I wish they would fix their software or put a bigger warning on their site that states it needs to phone home. Good luck on getting a refund, who gives refunds once the customer gets a serial number? Thanx
  3. I work for a Government agency. We have PCs that are on a CLOSED network and never have access to the Internet. I just purchased and downloaded Creator NXT 6. I have over 3 GB of data in the folder, so I assume I did this correctly. I am getting errors on installing, "Internet Connection Needed". Is there any way around this requirement? I have read the posts, I know the requirement states Internet Connection, but honestly, I thought that was just to download the full version like so many other software products. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? will calling Roxio help? thanx