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    No Video Signal... Again

    Yet Roxio technical support will swear to you that their product has no compatibility issues with W-10. Reading too many comments on boards such as these from people having the same issues with the video signal who are running W-10.
  2. Tony Warren

    No Video Signal... Again

    I know the software was originally designed to run on Windows 8 or before. I have tried running this both in Windows 8 compatibility mode and without compatibility mode but with the same result.
  3. Tony Warren

    No Video Signal... Again

    Another question - is it normal for the USB capture device to be hot - not warm, hot - to the touch while plugged in? Just wondering...
  4. Tony Warren

    No Video Signal... Again

    Followed your instructions to the letter. Still no video signal.
  5. Tony Warren

    No Video Signal... Again

  6. Tony Warren

    No Video Signal... Again

    The "No Video Signal" during the recording process has been a recurring issue with this product, and almost always seems to correspond with a Windows 10 update. The first extended period this occurred was when a Windows update could not complete due to what I later discovered was an single extension found in System 32 file for Avira Antivirus. Once I removed the extension, the update completed and presto - I had video signal back. About a week and half ago, another Windows update ran and completed successfully and presto - no video signal once again while trying to record. I have checked for and updated all drivers (for which an update was available) in my system. I have tried both the repair option for the Roxio software as well as doing an complete uninstall/reinstall and still no video signal. During the past couple of weeks (while Roxio has provided no video signal), I downloaded a couple of software apps - Vid Capture (which allows you to download mp4 files from YouTube) and Pavtube (which allows you to convert mp4 files to mpeg) - the latter due to the fact that I have purchased a number of teaching series online that are mp4s that I plan to burn to DVD but needed to convert them to the right file type to do so. This process is complete and I have uninstalled this software. I mention this because I know sometimes an 'uninstall' doesn't necessarily remove every extension associated with the software, so unsure whether this may interfere with Roxio's video signal in the future. I have been in the process (as it is with most people who use this software) of converting home movies from VHS, VHS-C, and Hi-8 tapes and am approximately halfway through the process. Many of my tapes have multiple events on a single tape, thus my need to see what I am recording so I can stop and start the tape so as to create separate mpeg files for each event. If there are any suggestion, either from Roxio staff or one of this forum's "Geek Squad" members, I am all ears.