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  1. HI, please help, I have been running VHS to DVD 3 plus since the Windows XP days and have gone through the updates to keep running as Windows progressed to what it is today and, up until a month or so ago it was still performing as expected, however now while recording from a TV the program will hesitate, the time will stop, and then start again, I call this stuttering. This lasts for 3 to 5 seconds then goes back to normal recording and will happen every once in a while until the recording ends. I have re-installed the program several times, re-ran the updates and patches, and still the stuttering continues, intermittently. I had another laptop so I reinstalled Windows 8 hoping it is due to Windows 10 updates that have occurred over the last couple of months, and still the same problem. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem? Is there a fix available? Any ideas what I should be looking at? any help would be greatly appreciated.