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  1. I'm going through torture trying to get this product to work, still no joy, but I have learned a few computer things to pass on. Maybe you know this stuff, I didn't. After the software is loaded and BEFORE you press the "Finish" button to restart, take the disk out of the drive. If you don't your computer may try to boot to this non-bootable disk. It took me quite a while to get my computer straightened out after I didn't take the disk out. You'll go through loops of Windows trying to "diagnose" and "repair" the thing. Just take out the disk! After it re-boots and you launch the software, one of the early screens will show the version number in small characters. Write this number down. It will help you keep track of the updates you are about to do. (For example, mine was "301b37a"). When the software finally opens at the Home page, click on the SUPPORT tab above the video preview screen. Then select "Search for updates" (or similar). A new window will open shortly telling you your software status, current or out of date. It will offer you a patch or an updater. Double click it and follow the bouncing ball! NOTE: some of these patches will tell you to close the program before you run the patch. Others will automatically close the program. It may be advisable to observe that the program is closing before the patch runs. ALSO, I ran one direct from the download and it did not take. (I checked the version number of the software, as above.) However, on the next attempt, I saved it and then ran it from the save, and it worked fine. (You are offered these options.) Save with "replace existing". You'll see. Each time you restart and launch the software after an update is applied, click on the update search again. Keep repeating this until you get a message generally saying your software is up to date, or there are no updates available. Good luck. I may be back seeking help for myself!