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    Audio Distortion

    To follow-up my previous post, I get the same results using different generations, models, and OS's of Macs.
  2. sedusia sound

    Audio Distortion

    From my tests of versions I have on hand, Toast Titanium 10, 11 and 12 HORRIBLY distorts the audio when converting from higher quality down to RedBook CD (16/44.1). Here is a screenshot of a file I converted from 16/48 to 16/44.1, using HOFA (top), TT10 (middle), and TT11 (bottom), you can plainly hear and see the distortion, and it isn't subtle. (sorry, I do not have TT12 available on this computer) I've done other tests using a variety of files at 24/88.2, 24/94 and multiple other bit depths/sample rates and the distortion is evident. This happens in both the "Convert" windows, as well as the "Audio" CD burning windows. Toast use to be my go-to, but after numerous complaints from customers, I no longer use Toast to convert files; I only use to burn masters. (I've also tested using XLD, dbpoweramp, Audacity and a few others and they DO NOT distort the audio. However VLC does distort)