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  1. jkgibson

    Toast it and Mount it and Mojave

    Same issue here. Toast 14 also didn’t fix this issue. Does Roxio even test their software? I would beta test if I knew my comments and observations would make a difference but with these issues spanning multiple releases I think it would be a waste of time. I’ll try to install with sip disabled and see if that works. There is another security feature that you have to go into restore partition and run from the command line that I will also test. Basically I’m grasping at straws at this point. I figured with the upgrade to 64 bit that maybe they did more work under the hood besides just bringing dark mode to the application.
  2. jkgibson

    Toast 17 issues and observations

    I have been a toast user for quite a long time. So just updated from Toast 14 to Toast 17. Using OS X 10.13.6 with all update. After I mount a CD disk image and then eject it if I try to mount another image Toast 17 hangs. Anyone else seeing this behavior?