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  1. Hey all, Just purchased Toast 19 Pro today on a really good discount. Everything is fine, and this is mainly a question if this is normal behavior. Under Big Sur 11.3.1, and Toast 19.4 When looking at video settings, the Flash Video Format is greyed out, at F4V. I don't use flash, but when trying my copy of 17.4 Pro in a Catalina VM, this option could be selected. I just wondered if was greyed out now, because flash has been discontinued, and there is no real use for it anymore. Usually I work with AVC or HEVC video, and not flash. I mainly want toast for blu-ray video support, as it's still the best option for the Mac as far as I've been able to find. If anyone can shed some light on this: would be appreciated. Thanks. By the way, since I just purchased 19 today, It's a clean install on Big Sur. I haven't used my copy of toast 17 since I used it on Mojave a couple years ago.
  2. iFrog

    Toast it and Mount it and Mojave

    I most likely won't upgrade to Catalina for a while. I have old games I want to keep access to, which many of are 32-bit. I've also been thinking long and hard about leaving apple for computers. (mobile devices are fine.). There are just things Apple used to do well, and now with the direction of the company, and the advances in other options such as windows, or linux now, it's easier to make a choice to switch at some point. What really gave apple the advantage in my life for many years over alternatives isn't as big anymore. Plus, I would like to remember Apple for who and what they were when I really needed them, and the community, compared to what they've become now. As far as Toast, I could have probably gotten the Toast burn app and been fine. It's cheaper, and doesn't include all the extras. Just wanted to try pro, as it was offered at a good upgrade price.
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    Toast it and Mount it and Mojave

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was away out of town when this was posted, and just now coming back to it. I was able to get mount it to work through the toast application, in the utilities menu, however the finder shortcut does nothing. It's not something I will need a lot, but just wanted to let you know I got it to work from within the toast application. Everything else I wanted toast for again, seems to work without problems
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the forum here. Usually I don't use toast on a regular basis, even though I have a few older versions: 8, and 11. Yesterday I decided to finally upgrade to 17 since Apple is doing away with 32 bit support, and was hoping to find the newer release better optimized for more recent versions of macOS. I mainly held off because I've seen all the problem reports people have, though in my experience through the years I've had minimal problems with toast, of any version. I cam here today to ask if anyone has gotten the mount it menu item to work in Mojave, It doesn't seem to do anything for me, however using the mount disc image in the utilities menu of the Toast 17 pro application seems to work. I did read past responses posted from people relaying their responses from support about doing a clean install of toast, and removing past version. In my case, this is a clean install, and a fairly new install of Mojave as well. In the past, I have found that disabling SIP fixed toast it and mount it, however didn't seem to make a difference now. Either way, I don't think it's a major issue like it was several years ago as macOS has much better disk image management built into the os, that I can use instead, and as stated for me, the application seems to work as expected. I was just curious if anyone knew how to fix mount it. late 2015 27" iMac here Mojave 10.14.4, and Toast Pro 17.4. By the way I've seen comments in threads about Toast's dark mode theme, but those were prior to Mojave. When I fired it up it pretty much blended in to Mojave's dark mode. I wanted to also mention in closing that, the os has good basic burn support included. Find can do disk images and data discs, and iTunes can do music. I mainly wanted to try toast again for video support. Since, I don't know any other good solutions for the Mac.