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  1. Roxio friends, I have created media on Avid Media Composer. I want to burn an exported h264 QuickTime movie. Yesterday this appeared to work. Today, as yesterday, it's appearing, but the audio is not playing. It plays when I open the QuickTime movie (.mov). But when I put it into Creator NXT 7 and test it with different graphic menus there is no audio. Of course the sound on the DVD Menu works, but when I click on the target movie, it launches the player and I start it, there is picture, but no sound. I'm using Windows 10 Pro on an hp Z400. I actually don't really like all these cute graphic things. I know they're popular with folks, and sell the software but I'd just like to have a > symbol on a jpeg still pic, to play. Just something simple and quick. I recall the old Roxio business software was simple like this, so I welcome "progress...", although the old version I think would let you create titles using typestyles on your computer.