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  1. Hopefully! Thanks for taking the time to help out. Cheers
  2. I see the two entries within device manager, but I only see what I've shown in the screenshots below elsewhere. The larger screenshot shows the main "devices and printers" page and the "Roxio Video Capture USB" properties. The second screenshot is the "Hardware" tab of the device's properties. The properties of the entries there appear to match what I'm seeing in Device Manager. Just not sure why Windows shows it as only an audio device - perhaps this is OK and it's just misleading.
  3. I've attached pictures of the connections (apologies if they're huge, I'm attaching from my phone). I'm connecting using yellow/red/white rca connectors from the vcr out into the capture device. The capture device is connected to a USB 2.0 port on the back of my computer. As for the vcr, I was able to use it alongside the old dongle on an old Windows 7 computer within the last month or two. So I know it works at least that well. Unfortunately that computer wasn't up to the task of capturing the video. Everything captured was jumpy and unwatchable, I assume because it wasn't abke to capture and encode quickly enough. Just an aside, when I look at "Bluetooth or other devices" or "devices and printers" within Windows 10 I only see "roxio video capture USB" as an audio device. Is that correct? Thanks
  4. I do see two "Roxio Video Capture USB" entries in device manager; nothing under other devices. I've followed the instructions here with no luck:
  5. That's what I did, but it won't recognize the capture device. I've followed all the instructions I can find on how to get this to work but it always behaves the same way. I've downloaded the latest update and the x64 windows 10 drivers but to no avail. Are you aware of a definitive or ideally official set of instructions to get this to work?
  6. My dad gave it to me with creator NXT 4. I had just assumed they came together. I believe he also had an older version of vhs to dvd, so perhaps he got it with that. I bought easy vhs to dvd 3 today, and am currently trying to get it up and running on my windows 10 computer.
  7. Any chance the capture device is available on it's own? Or would we have to buy the software as well? I imagine VHS to DVD 3 would be better than what we already have given that it's newer and designed specifically for what we need, but I'd prefer to not have to. Thanks
  8. Apologies if there is a better place for this, please let me know if there is. My father has asked for my help in digitizing his old VHS tapes and has previously purchased Creator NXT Pro 4. I ran into some issues and was told by Roxio support that the capture device I was using was not compatible with Windows 10. Can someone recommend a USB capture device compatible with Windows 10? I searched the Roxio store, but they don't seem to sell the capture device on it's own. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.