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  1. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    Well all...thanks for trying to help! The user decided that they didn't want to spend any more time on this software and found another DVD authoring SW--which worked and had his DVD ready in no time. So I guess we don't have to worry about trying to make this one work! thanks again.
  2. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    Reboot? lol...I am ready for format C:.... 1. I will get the dxdiag soon--been fixin the other hundred issues here as well. 2. Single version, one license. just purchased to author a single DVD.... purchased direct. SHI I think. electronic license/download 3. didn't know there was a stand alone version. This was cheap enough to get the full package in case we needed the other goodies. 4. yes...we use that a LOT. funny part it is works a lot of times!!!! PS--just ran updates on that offending PC. I did update video drivers and BIOS. No change still wont open. I gotta run to another fire right now. I will be in touch. thanks to those that are helping!!
  3. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    not eve sure where you got that...but whatever the lolz was I was giggiling because its me...the "it guy here" and I have to solve this...there is nobody else.
  4. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    lolz I am the IT department. I just am tired of dealing with third party software that should work right out of the box Our computers are WELL over the minimum specs. Our Windows installs are very vanilla, so a conflict, while possible, is not likely. And if this software cant handle Microsoft antivirus...well... The install went fine as far as I could tell (minus the 4.5 gb of stuff it installed...) I installed it as admin(me logged in), and as the user, using my admin credentials -Both I, and the standard user get the same results. DVD creator will not open---everything else will. I tried both the "complete" and "choose what is installed options"--same result--DVD creator wont open
  5. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    it is a work/business computer. 64 bit, win 7 16gb ram i7
  6. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    work PC install. just need it for one use---he needs to create a DVD....that's it. and its the ONLY thing that wont open up...(beating head on wall)
  7. cleatus

    ARRRGH!!! new install fail!

    sounds good. we only use Microsoft system center endpoint for antivirus--and centrally administered--I may not be able to turn it off due to restrictions. All I bought this for was the DVD authoring....I just want to make a very simple DVD...but of all the options in the program work...EXCEPT the dvd maker. I am really annoyed that of all the things that are available, the one thing I need --doesn't... it really shouldn't be this hard
  8. We just purchased Roxio Creator Platnium NXT7 Install seems to go fine. we run the program and on the main dashboard we can run ALL of the items Roxio does...EXCEPT THE ONE THING WE BOUGHT THIS SOFTWARE FOR....ARRGRGHHHGGRGHRGRG!!! All of the items open up except for "Create DVD"....it just will pop up the orange "create dvd" title box and nothing happens. That box stays there and never opens the DVD creator. if you click the create dvd box again, it will spin for about 5 seconds and spinner disappears...again NOT opening we have uninstalled and reinstalled with same effect. needles to say I am beyond @#%ed, as that is the only thing we bought this software to do. anyone? help please? :)