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  1. Tony3825

    Copy DVD Issues

    So I'm having issues with the copy DVD app on NXT 6. I'm using Win 10. Th app goes through the copy step to save a temp image. I put a similar DVD in and it starts. Sometimes it allows me to do multiple copies (2 or 3). Other times it stops after the copy, and doesn't eject the original. It then will make a new temp image of the copy and go through the step again. It is getting really frustrating. I thought I would try to repair the install but there is no option for that only uninstall. Sometime ago it had a disk burn option but that doesn't seem to be there anymore. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
  2. Tony3825

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    Thanks for that. I have Create DVDs; when I click on it the following options come up (see below). If I click on DVD I get an error message and it disconnects. If I cick on open existing project it dosn't find anything. If I click on create a new project i end up going back to where I started when I created the video (Videowave). The online manual does not even remotely match the actual software and the various menu options are not very intuitive. I have a bunch of coasters where the video only plays on my computer and not my DVD player. I guess I am missing something in between creating the video and burning the DVD. To make matters worse Creator 6 erased my Roxio burn DVD/CD software that came with the computer. As a shortstop, I resurrected an old copy of Ashampoo which I had given up on many years ago. It worked flawlessly and burned the DVD which works on my computer and DVD player. I'd still like to resolve the Roxio issue. Again, thanks for your quick response.
  3. Tony3825

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    OK, so I found the prepare disk for authoring and now I have a saved MPEG2 video file which is slightly longer than what the DVD will hold. How do I burn the darn thing. Which of the NXT 6 options does the actual burning. It does not appear to be the Create DVDs option. Thanks
  4. Tony3825

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    I don't have an answer but where is the Roxio menu that brings me to Prepare the disk for authoring. The digital manual is no help. Thanks.