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    Toast can’t find m4a files

    Ok, so I think I figured out the issue. Toast does not handle "m4a" files. You can put them on a playlist. Burn a CD. But, when you save and close. Then open that selected playlist "Toast" can't find that particular file. It took awhile for our instructors to understand that free mp3 download music has horrible quality. So I convinced them purchase Lossless files from itunes. They then do their own editing, but are not saving as an AIFF file. So my way around is to open in Adobe Audition or Bias Peak, edit, save as an AIFF. Then put my playlist together, save, close and reopen. Voila. my playlist is complete!!
  2. mrmike130s

    Toast can’t find m4a files

    My wife owns a dance studio. I’ve been using Toast for maybe 10 years for audio CDs for our dance recitals and dance competition music. My issues started with Toast16 and continue with toast 17. When I create a new playlist, save the playlist, close the playlist. Reopen the playlist, Toast is unable to find all the music files. Asked me if I would like to find file? I find missing files, save again. Close playlist, reopen playlist, again I get message “Unable to find file, would you like to look for it?” This make the app unusable. Recital playlist are long, fill an audio cd, not opening correctly is not an option!