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    Error code: 301989883

    I hope I can continue with this thread even though it's been a year since I originally posted my problem. To answer your original questions did you look at real I am running a Mac with what was at the time the most up-to-date Mac software no emulators and I'm not working on any servers everything was local within the internal hard drive of the computer. I'll file types are all the exact same file types no mismatches of anything. I believe I may have narrow down the problem arises when I try to have more than one video on a DVD regardless of its file size. I honestly just figured this out today as I have come up with the same exact problem again and I am now on a much newer computer again all the most updated Mac everything. And all working locally with all the same file types. Specifically I'm now on a MacBook Pro 2019 running Catalina 10.15.6 In the video files I am working with all mp4. Rendered at H.264 720p. I've made multiple attempts today to burn a DVD and I've been getting this same error code that I got a year ago over and over again. It wasn't until I attempted to burn a DVD that just had a one minute single video on the DVD that it actually worked. As soon as I try to put a second video on the DVD it fails. This happens even if the second video is a copy of the first with a slightly different name. Again these are file sizes that are just a couple megabytes and they are all Saved on my desktop (No servers have ever been in use). I should note. Since my initial inquiry about this problem I have successfully burned a couple dozen DVDs using the exact same formula of rendering that I'm using now, however each of those times I was only ever putting one video on a DVD. I also found that I'm only able to burn a successful DVD using My DVD Pro. Toast Titanium 17 would burn a desk but would always have a heavily distorted video on playback. I tried literally every single codec adobe offers and they would all come out unusable. My DVD Pro is literally the only program that I know I can use on a Mac to burn DVDs. If I knew of another option I would take it in a heartbeat. Any help would be extremely appreciated as I very much do need to make a DVD that has Three separate videos on it. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, I am using My DVDPro (Build 88) on a iMac 2011 with OS High Sierra 10.13.3 I am trying to burn a DVD with a custom menu with music. There are two videos with an over all total run time of 25 mins and 1242.63MB of Space. Every attempt gets Error code: 301989883 after about 15 minutes. The video files are 720p .mp4 I know my burner works because I can burn a DVD with finder. This also tells me my Discs work. Some one please help!
  3. What is the optimal format for video files to burn to Blue Ray? I edit in Premiere Pro and render in Adobe encoder. In the past I used Adobes DVD burning software and always was under the impression that you should burn in Mpeg2 files. This splits the video and the audio in two different files that then need to be merged. It dose not look like there is a way of merging the files in Toast 17 or MyDVD Pro. So what format should I render my videos in? I tried a burn in them as .mp4 and the video turned out choppy. The audio plays smooth but the video was lagging like crazy.