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    Roxio Creator Silver 10 Won't See DVD Drive

    What does this bat file do? DOD network so can't download and run it.
  2. bfrisan

    Roxio Creator Silver 10 Won't See DVD Drive

    Thanks. For fun I followed the directions for install using elevated command line. And for whatever reason Roxio installed and we were able to see the DVD drives. Not sure why that would make a difference as suppose to running normally via windows. So tested on 4 machines good to go. Attempted another 4 machines back in the same boat. Can't see the DVD drive. Software is not consistent. Any other suggestions. Cause support want's me to give my users admin rights on the computers. NOT happening.
  3. Trying to install Roxio Creator Silver 10 on our new computers that we are rolling out. Software installs fine but the software is unable to see the DVD drive. Yes it's a DVDRW in the computers. Apparently we found out that the only way to see the DVD is to do a Run As Admin. Unfortunately support told us to give everyone admin rights on their computers! Yea that's not happening. Has anyone experienced/seen this issue and know a workaround or fix?