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  1. ** Please delete this posting. I ran another test and deleted one MP4 from the project. It is now able to burn the DVD. Thanks. **


    HI there. I am trying to burn a new MyDVD project to DVD, and I am getting the following error:

         BurnerState_EncodingTitle failure

         Reason: Unknown error. Code 2147500037

    The project contains 3 MP4 files generated using Zoom video conferencing recordings. The project says that I have .04GB remaining in space in the DVD, so this error should not be a DVD space issue.

    I am using Creator NXT Pro 7, version 20.0.54: 5.0:0.0. MyDVD Launcher Plugin (in case it helps) is version 5.0.6967.7349. This is on a Win 10 laptop with latest feature and security updates.

    Any ideas? Thanks.