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    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Hello All, Has everyone abandon Spin Doctor, or is anyone using it successfully? I gave up on it a few years ago after going back and forth with Corel about whether or not they were going to upgrade the software. I know now that they've abandon it all together. It would be helpful if they removed the Roxio link that implies Spin Doctor is still a product that's viable and operable. I see from earlier comments that some of you have switched to Amadeus Pro. How well does that software suit your needs. I'm trying to rip some old vinyl (for personal use), and found the Spin Doctor filters highly effective ... when they worked. Any advice would be appreciated. I've had no difficulty locating all of my files and have them backed up. Best, Peter
  2. realelvspretzl

    Cd Spin Doctor?

    Greetings, Stuart. Are you still using Spin Doctor with any luck? I see from another thread that Amadeus has been recommended to supplant Spin Doctor. Thanks, Peter