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  1. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Now you know why I gave up, returned it and got a copy of DVD styler. It’s free and I can customize all of it.
  2. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Thanks... The only complaint I have with the other package (DVD Styler) is that there is no real time preview... It allows me to use dynamic images, edit font, apply buttons, etc., and place anything anywhere. It has a couple of bugs (just have to figure out how to use it). The price is right $0 but the cost is not the issue. I just need something that works. I used to use Final Cut Studio with with DVD studio and you could do ANYTHING with that, but the new FC X is nothing compared to the old version. I guess the rendering/preview thing is an issue thats true for Toast also. MyDVD Pro will give a real time preview without rendering first, but it screws the layout up and you have to start over every-time unless you render/burn first, and then it's 50/50. And the fonts stay with the original style regardless of the image you drop on it. Think I'm sending this one back.... Not much use to me. And I don't need to rip/record TV shows or any such thing. But again, thanks for your time and effort. It is a nice looking program, but not hefty enough for my use.
  3. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Thanks for the response. It would appear that like MyDVD Pro, this just allows you to drop a static graphic on their skeleton and not do much else with it. MyDVD PRo came with TItanium 18 (which I guess should have told me something). I followed your guide in Toast 18, and I tried to use a dynamic graphic which it appeared to allow, but when the video was rendered, it was just a static picture.... and it did not allow me to really edit much of anything. One of the reasons I gave up on MyDVD Pro, was that you could edit your their template somewhat (very elementary), but even then once you previewed the design (which apparently you can not do in Toast), when you went back to edit, everything was reset.... and your time wasted. I'm getting ready to do a bunch of training videos for work (which have to be on DVD) and I have yet to find something that works. I'm looking at a program called DVD Styler now and it appears to look promising but I'll see I guess..... Again, thanks for the response.
  4. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Not too late - just too old. Trying to make new templates for MyDVD pro that comes with TItanium 18.. This information apparently only works with the old Toast around about 7 or 8... Doesn't seem relevant or accurate for this software. But thanks for the info.
  5. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Forgot to mention... when I try to modify the existing templates, once I run the preview and then go back into edit mode, all changes revert back to the original template layout.... again, useless to me.
  6. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Yep... giving up on this software. Don't need something I can't work with and being unable to manage this as needed is not worth the $$$. And I don't find the font management existent at all. Spent too many hours trying to deal with this with too many options out there to waste too much time on this. Thanks to any and all who tried to help. Good luck with it.
  7. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Yes. That section doesn’t seem to work....
  8. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Thanks for the tip on the name... I have no idea how that happened but it’s been changed.... I did try editing a couple of templates but something always turns out not quite right.... some button will not change size or title won’t go exactly where it needs to go or something....
  9. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Well, I just bought Toast 18 so I’m hoping it’s the newest one....
  10. Jrwill228

    MYDVD Templates

    Anyone know if you can make your own template in MyDVD or are there blank templates available for use?