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  1. I was having issues with my old video wave on NXT 2, so upgraded to NXT 7 Pro. Unfortunately, I'm having even more problems with the software. When creating a production I am lucky to get more than one change made before it goes not-responding and I'm forced to close the app and relaunch. In order to make any progress, I must save after each change that is made (new panel, new picture or video added, transition, volume envelope changes... anything) which is extremely time consuming if I have a large production. My current production includes 3 video segments (about 3 minutes total) and 200 photos. No transitions at this time. I had problems with this installation from the beginning and I worked with tech support for days and must have uninstalled / reinstalled at least 10-15 times. I thought it had improved, but no. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks.