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    DVD Copy

    Have a large project requiring many DVD copies. Made the movie in MyDVD.. Bufrned a disc umaer and a DVD. Took 3 hours to burn each (6 hrs Total). Way too lon.. looking for a multiplex like the one in IDVD where the 2nd and 3rd disc took only 20 min to burn. Tried the copy mode in Toast 18, but it faltered at each scene selection menue (have 11 chapters). Had to click on each menue to get it to advance and tape the next lot. When I examined the final screne, it said I had nothing to copy and that the disc and system were empty. Start again........................................ Will this not copy a complicated disc with chapter markers?? Any thoughts?????????????????
  2. geb3@aol.com

    My movie Shrunk

    Just upgraded to Toast 18. Having Horrible time trying to find replacement for IDVD. Put the video onto the screen, added chapter markers, selected Alegro as the theme. Now to make an image to preview. My video of 28 min now only registers 904 KB. It shrunk and when I try to make ther image to preview, I'm told there is no data!!!! How do I get my video back to plaly and put on a disc
  3. geb3@aol.com

    MyDVD wont burn disc

    Have MyDVD Pro on a Imac Running Mohave 10.14.5. Have a Super Drive USB disc burner. Made the DVD format with music, chapter markers, etc. Looks great on preview. When I burn, the resulting disc is out of focus, text distorted and missing part of the title. Have it in NTSC format. Thought the problem might be aspect ratio, but can find no place to changer it. Do not have Project Preferences under File. Help