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  1. hi I installed NXT7 one month ago on my windows desktop. 64 bit, windowns 10, newest updates. NXT7 updated. Using videowave I've historically been able to ad mp3's to still images at 60 min duration for youtube. All of a sudden, the audio . at 30 min mark (approx) starts phasing, flanging, and distorts. It progressively worsens. I've tried the audio on sound fx, music, and internal track. same result. ij've tried exporting to ipad 720, mpeg 720, and achvd 720x480. same result. I redonloaded mp3s from source on web, using diff browser. checked mp3s using WMPlayer. they are fine. no distortion. I switched from render using hardware to software. same results. Is it the audio filter? Please help.
  2. Hi I'm using a windows desktop 64 bit (windows10) and nxt 7 creator. using video wave, I've successfully added background audio to my 3 still images at 60 min duration, and exported with great success. 3 and 0 until this buggy mp3 or video wave issue. There's one buggy mp3 files however, that plays fine all the way thru on windows media player, audacity, but when it's loaded in the editor.. it becomes phased and distorted somewhere around 40 minutes. It's gradual. by the end it sounds like a Nine Inch nails song. the audio mangling is baked in and the exported file also plays the distorted parts. I use 2 checkpoints 42 min and 58 min, and those segments play fine outside of video wave. Please help. Jim
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    Why has Videowave Stopped Working again?

    I fixed it. The media path was broken when I unplugged the external hard drive that was feeding the project. Also, the SAVE TO directory path was broken when I unplugged the external hard drive. I first went to TOOLS and delete temp files. I also changed project file location to another drive. (this may have not been necessary) What I think worked, was plugging the ext hard drive back in the same port... and when the media file thumbnails appeared top right, I just dragged a jpg file down to workspace (instead of ADD VIDEO) I then just exported the project file that was loaded, as is, without changing file name. Once it completed, and exported the file to the folder on ext hard drive (E) I was able to change the export SAVE TO file location. I'm back to normal. Lesson learned. Copy all your files from the external hard drive to the same folder on the machine where your roxio software is installed. also, if you're exporting a proj file to an external hard drive; make sure u leave that drive connected until you are done with that project.
  4. Hi I just upgraded to NXT 7 Creator. I was able to created 3 videos using .jpgs with 60 min durations and 59 min audio track below. I export them to a .mp4 video and this was never an issue with Nxt 4,5, and it wasn't an issue when I made 3 new videos using NXT 7... until yesterday. I click on ADD VIDEO and it pauses and produces error VIDEO WAVE HAS STOPPED WORKING (A problem caused the program to stop working) This repeated 5-7 more times after several reboots, updates, optimizatios, defrags. It won't even show me the media directory to choose .jpg or video. I'm using a windows desktop, 16 g ram 64 bit i7 processor. windows 10 GTX 750 nvidea Ti v card. version 1511 Updated Windows - same issue rebooted, opened a new project- same issue. I click on ADD video media and instantly get the VIDEOWAVE STOPPED WORKING msg. (interestingly, the effects panel pops up in middle or screen when I boot up VIDEOWAVE. Also, I was pulling .jpgs from a connected ext hard drive. This shouldn't be an issue however, when I'm opening a brand new project. Please advise thanks Jim