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    No video on specific display

    Apologies for the delayed response. Yes, HDCP was what I was thinking Sadly, those suggestions did not work for me. I will just get/use a different screen
  2. Noobsaibot21

    No video on specific display

    Hi all, I am having a bit of trouble with my Roxio Gamercap HD Pro on a new display I have got. All worked fine on my old TV so I have a suspicion it might be related to the new monitor but i'll ask anyway in bullet point form (Might be useful for any other oddballs setups like mine): I recently got an NEC V461 display panel which features HDMI in, YPbPr/RGB in (via BNC), DVI in and both RGB (VGA) in and RGB (VGA) out. I have got Phono to BNC connectors and am trying to record Original Xbox footage with component video however, I am getting a black screen when going through the Roxio gamercap HD. Tried an HDMI device through the Roxio out to the screen via both component and HDMI and also no joy Direct component connection display is fine as is direct HDMI If I remove then readd component cables, there is a picture but it is not consistent and will often lose signal after a time In all cases, OBS sees everything just fine I strongly suspect that the screen is where I need to troubleshoot so my questions to try and address are: Does the Roxio apply some sort of DHCP to both HDMI and Component than my display doesn't support? I kinda suspect so with HDMI anyway but the component is the puzzler to me. Is the Roxio converting the incoming component YPrBr and sending it out as RGB via the component out for some reason maybe? I have that VGA out which I believe is RGB and not YPrBr (the display is designed for public signage and I can connect/daisy chain up to 100 of them together if I had the money and space). Anyway, could I directly go in to the screen from Xbox with component then use the VGA out on the screen to connect to the Roxio (probably HDMI I'm guessing)? I guess these questions might apply more to my inevitable query with NEC rather than Roxio but just want to cover all angles and details before I start looking for odd things like VGA to HDMI adaptors or component YPrBr to VGA RGB converters (or any other sort of oddities). I'll link to the panel documentation if it helps https://www.necdisplay.com/documents/UserManuals/V_Series_UserManual.pdf Regards Noobsaibot21