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  1. thanks, brendon, for your reply.

    yes, the german and your original english error messages are identical (how would i know how it is in english, having only a german version of ROXIO?).
    and: it's still the same wrong (not: right) message since 7 years.
    which means - and here you have missed my central point - there has been no change/adaption in the ROXIO program since 7 years.

    interestingly the above mentionned wrong error message only shows when opening the central ROXIO window and then trying to go further.
    this wrong error message stops you totally - you can't go into the sub program.
    but: when i open "videowave15.exe" directly, it works, without showing this wrong error message.
    a first hint that NXT 7 is only a legacy and NOT an update - in 7 years nobody at Corel cared to adapt also the central window.

    there are more symptoms that the version NXT 7 is only a legacy of version 2012:
    when trying to digitalise an analog video in version NXT 7 it still gives you mpeg4 (with DV HD), but for replaying Windows 10 must first install the codec for mpeg2. so also there has not been an update.

    and, to close this: your hint to change the resolution to 100% is totally wrong - we are in the world of Windows 10.
    where you have other possibilities to make an old (!) application to work with modern PCs.

    BTW: i re-installed - as clearly described in my first post - ROXIO 2012 on the same brand new laptop as i then updated to NXT 7.
    so reading my post carefully would have saved you from telling something not accurate.

  2. nothing has changed since creator 2012 - what a disapointment!
    lately i re-installed my old ROXIO Creative Suite 2012 Pro on my brand new laptop (ASUS).
    everything worked fine - only videowave13.exe had to be run in compatibility mode.
    because this program thought that i had a resolution under 1024x786.
    in reality i have a resolution ov 1920x1080.

    but i thought: maybe it's better to upgrade to ROXIO Creator NXT 7.
    so i bought and installed it.
    now it's even worse: the file is now named "videowave15.exe" (version, date: 29.01.2019).
    but throws the same idiotic and wrong error! (see screenshot)

    so why would i buy a software that is just the same as the one i bought seven (7!) years ago?

    what a disappointment!

    please can someone explain this?