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  1. I'm having a frustrating time trying to create and burn a DVD on Toast 17 Pro. I've got separate audio and video files already compressed for DVD specs (mymovie.m2v and mymovie.wav) I don't want TOAST to recompress. I drag the files into "Video" in Toast, add a menu photo, and save to disc so that I can test it. Then when I play this in my Mac DVD player the audio and video are way out of sync. What am I doing wrong?" Also, I wanted to add chapters manually. When I click on "edit" the video doesn't show up in the chapter editing video so I'm unable to place the chapter markers where I want to, and the length is several minutes shorter than the original. So, I just decided to forget the manual chapters and go without. However, then, as stated above the video and audio were out of sync when a saved to disc. I can't get any immediate support from Roxio. They still have't answer a question I asked 2 days ago. And today the chat service just referred me back to email support for the issues above. Totally frustrated.