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  1. I previously used Toast 15 and liked the introductory project window that would come up. It made it simple to select what kind of project I was going to be doing. Several settings were made with one click. There was a checkbox to disable that window at startup, but I liked it and let it be. However, I can find no such window in Toast 18. I scoured the menus hoping to find a way to enable it, but can find no reference to it at all. Have they discontinued this? Of course it wasn't absolutely necessary, but it was a nice touch I enjoyed using.
  2. DougTT

    Toast 18 "dark mode" turn off?

    Right after upgrading to Toast 18, I noticed the display was very dark and hard for me to read. I assume this is a new "dark mode" view. However, I'm one of those who hates dark mode. I never use it in the OS and with individual apps, I always shut it off. It just makes everything so dark, I have to crank up the monitor brightness to max, which is a useless waste of the backlight. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to shut off this dark mode in the app. Is this the only option? If so, it makes everything look really dismal and hard to see.
  3. DougTT

    Toast 18 Pro and Mac OS Catalina Firts Bug.

    I've got the same problem. It appears to be some kind of graphics display issue. The menu drops down, but the background remains transparent, so you can't see the selections. As pointed out, if one clicks then runs their cursor down the menu, the items will highlight making it possible to see them.
  4. DougTT

    My movie Shrunk

    Thanks Tony for that post. That was my problem. I had a ProRes file I was trying to burn to a Blu-Ray disc, but the file sizes being reported were ridiculous. First time around Toast reported over 500GB (!). Other tries yielded equally ridiculous sizes in the kilobytes. With this issue, Toast refused to even try burning the disc. I finally went back to my previous Toast 15 and it worked perfectly. The problem is, after I upgrade to Catalina, Toast 15 won't work anymore, so I'm hoping they get this fixed.