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    Apple ProRes

    Toast 15 recognized all ProRes codecs. Made beautiful blu-rays. I upgraded to Toast 17 and it will only burn using .264 WHICH IS A TERRIBLE CODEC. The color of 264 is yellow, the contrast is extreme, and it's not as clear as any of the ProRes. So Toast has become useless for burning DVDs or Blu-Rays with proper quality for a large audience to see. AND it means you have to change all your coloring and lighting ... guessing what will come out. This is a terrible, terrible bug. What is wrong with Roxio that they don't fix this?? How can anyone be satisfied with a disgusting looking movie? And of course their "customer support" is wretched. They keep telling me they will contact me by e-mail... but I only get a stupid pre-made email. They never NEVER address my issue!