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    creating the best video file?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. bdl1024

    creating the best video file?

    Thank you for your response. The files are .MTS (AVCHD) I do have it downloaded but if I upload to the cloud or shared drive and someone else wants to watch on say their phone, will that format work? I did need to put it in Videowave as I needed to combine tracks and edit it a little. Now I want to create a DVD so my question here would be what format to I want to export to for best quality?
  3. Hi, I'm new to Roxio and NXT Pro 6. I have lot of video I captured from my Sony handicam and would like to create a video file. I've imported my files into Videowave and now wish to create a video file. I'd like the best resolution and audio to either play the video on my tablet or desktop but may also want a DVD. Do I need to create two different video files for this? If so, what's the recommended format to 'make movie'? The setting defaults to AVC smartencode but not sure if that'll work for what I mentioned above. any help would be appreciated! Thanks