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  1. Whokuni

    Toast 18 and Catalina

    My sentiments exactly. I managed to burn 2 DVDs the other night but that was many crashes and reboots of my macbook pro. I can't say Im impressed after having forked out for the upgrade from Toast 17 which I only bought earlier this year. Let's hope that Roxio gets this sorted out very soon. And thank you Andy for posting that someone else is having the same problems.
  2. Whokuni

    Toast 18 and Catalina

    I haven't had any luck with Toast 17 and Catalina so I just forked out for an upgrade to Toast 18. How disappointing. I am having no luck there either. If I get the program to open at all I then keep getting the spinning ball of death and "not responding" all the time. I have just spent the last couple of hours trying to get this program to work on my macbook pro without any success. Can anybody suggest what I can do to solve the issue please. Thanking you. Whokuni
  3. Whokuni

    Toast 17 and Catalina

    I spoke too soon. The program opened twice and when I went to enter the name of the DVD I was about to write the program crashed. Since then it has returned only "Toast Titanium (not responding). I have sent several reports off but that doesnt solve the problem I am now facing. Can somebody tell whether Toast 18 is any more reliable please and whether I might be able to solve my current problem by upgrading? Thank you Whokuni
  4. Whokuni

    Toast 17 and Catalina

    I take the above back. After running CleanmyMac X and going through all the maintenance procedures, Toast 17 now opens. Whether it will burn a disc or not is another question.
  5. Whokuni

    Toast 17 and Catalina

    I have Toast 17 installed and have just recently upgraded my macbook pro to Catalina. Now today when I go to burn a DVD the program keeps crashing. Doesn't Toast 17 support Catalina? And if it doesn't would an upgrade to Toast 18 ensure a workable solution? Thanking you in advance. Whokuni Tokyo, JAPAN