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    USB capture device not installing properly

    I followed what you said exactly and have now got it working! Can't thank you enough! If you're ever in Leeds, UK I owe you a beer!
  2. sjwomersley

    USB capture device not installing properly

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'll have to check this when I get home, wasn't expecting any responses that quickly and I can't test it right now! There was nothing in the Windows 10 device manager under "other devices" but I'll have a look on the Windows 7 machine and let you know.
  3. Hello, I have Roxio Easy VHS to DVD as part of the Creator 2011 Special Edition suite. I am running Windows 10 64-bit and when I connect anything to the USB capture device (camcorder, VHS player, DVR) no video displays on screen, I just get audio and even that depends on the cables I use. I also tried this on a Windows 7 64-bit machine and got the same result. When I checked device manager it has two entries relating to the USB capture device - one says "Roxio Video Capture USB" and the other says "USB 2861 device". I have tried searching for drivers and nothing comes up. I have tried repairing the installation: unplugged the USB, disabled antivirus & firewall, ran the CD repair tool, restarted my computer, plugged the USB back in. This hasn't worked either. Does anyone know how I can fix this please? I know this is fairly old technology now but I only have 8 VHS tapes to convert to digital so I really don't want to buy newer software and a capture device if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance! Sam