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  1. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    Also, I do not have access to W 7. I'm Windows 10.
  2. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    cdanteek: No!
  3. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    Hey, forgive me. This project is driving me crazy. It's just been one thing after another. Any thoughts at all??
  4. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    The system is working. It's recording. I just cannot see it. I can hear it, and when I stop recording, the video is there for editing. BUT, when it is recording, a black screen telling me that the 'video is not connected'.
  5. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

  6. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    Okay! On the video machine there are 3 coloured ports; red, white. yellow. The video machine came with 3 wires attached to each other; one red, one white, one yellow. These wires had 'male' ends on both ends. I plugged the yellow wire into the yellow port on the vhs machine. I plugged the other end of the yellow wire into the Dazzle hardware, choosing the yellow port. I connected yellow with yellow. I then did the exact same thing with the white wire, and the red wire. I then rechecked it; yes it was hooked correctly; red to red, yellow to yellow, white to white at both ends. I then plugged in the USB end of the Dazzle into one of the USB ports on my computer. Is this what you were looking for???? With all due respect, it's pretty straight forward!!!
  7. Oddmanin

    Video not connected

    I have just recently purchased Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. The connections are hooked up correctly. The video is being downloaded to my computer through the Roxio unit. I can hear the audio, and when I go to replay, the VHS is being recorded. I just cannot see it as it records. The video display page remains black. Any thoughts?